Asset Development

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What is Asset Development?  In this case, it doesn’t refer to financial assets as many people often think, but to assets needed by children and youth to better succeed in life.

The Search Institute has done extensive research and identified 40 Developmental Assets that fit into eight areas of human development, that cover both external and internal areas of life. The 40 Developmental Assets are grouped under the following categories:

  • Support
  • Empowerment
  • Boundaries & Expectations
  • Constructive Use of Time
  • Commitment to Learning
  • Positive Values
  • Social Competencies
  • Positive Identity

All youth have some assets without even knowing what assets are, but some youth naturally have more assets in their lives than others do.

Asset Development presentations bring attention to the existence of assets and the very positive researched based correlations between a youth with more assets succeeding better in school & life and engaging in less risky behaviors like drug & alcohol use.

It also brings to light that anyone (parent, neighbor, teacher or any person who has contact with youth) can increase the assets in young people’s lives, including the young person them self.

The first step is knowing that developmental assets exist and being willing to help. We provide training in Asset Development and if you would like more detailed information about developmental assets or would like to schedule a speaker/workshop for your group. Please contact us at 410-414-8300 or e-mail