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The Calvert Collaborative for Children and Youth (3CY) is a catalyst, advocacy, networking and community building organization. It focuses its energies on increasing volunteer and financial resources dedicated to programs for children and youth, and on building community awareness of youth issues. It supports efforts of many outstanding child and family organizations.

Originally founded, January 1998, as the Calvert Crusade for Children. 3CY is the local organization designated by the County Commissioners to spearhead General Colin L. Powell’s America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth in Calvert County. America’s Promise calls for families and communities to come together to give all children the support they need to succeed – the presence of responsible, caring loving adults; safe places in which to learn and grow; a healthy start to a healthy future; marketable skills in today’s highly competitive, information-based economy; and opportunities to give back to their communities.

When 3CY sees unmet needs it acts. Contributions help 3CY to:

1. Provide training in Asset Development to organizations and individuals. Asset Development is a research based positive approach to youth developed by the Search Institute. This initiative is supported by the Calvert County Family Network. Visit http://www.search-institute.org/ for information about Asset Development and click “contact us/ volunteer” above to discuss training for you or your group.

2. Provide a free library of resource materials, (books, videos and binders) on Asset Development for people to check out and use. Free Asset Development handouts, flyers and worksheets are given out at community events, workshops and training events..

3. Work behind the scenes to help local organizations generate additional resources for children’s programs.

4. Coordinate with mentor groups, programs and activities to promote caring adults and opportunities to develop successful life skills in our youth.

5. Collaborate and support other community groups to work together to make Calvert County a better place for all to live. We started the Beaches Together for Youth and Core Collaborative groups to help meet these needs.

6. Continue to advocate for a permanent community center in Prince Frederick with enough space and amenities to meet the needs of the residents.

3CY is a United Way Partner Agency. Its Board of Directors is comprised of Guffrie Smith, President;  Donna Millar,  First Vice President; Pat Pease, Second Vice President;  Carol Harvat, Secretary; Matthew Jones, Treasurer;  Directors:  George Carter, Paul Harrison, Jolene Lauria and Jack Woodford.

Calvert Collaborative for Children and Youth
PO Box 7
Barstow MD 20610

(Office is located at 530 Main Street, Prince Frederick)


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